Karno Energy electrical engineering services
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electrical engineering consultancy services

Karno Energy electrical design proposals

  • Electrical design in Karno Energy is performed in BIM in parallel with the development of the entire building design, in particular with other engineering disciplines, which avoids downtime, accelerates the design process and reduces the number of collisions (intersections) in the project to zero.

Electrical solutions in BIM

  • 10-30% reduction in construction costs (!);

  • 20-50% reduction in design time;

  • 10% reduction in construction time;

  • Make changes 3-5 times faster;

  • 4 times less mistakes when planning the construction budget;

  • Reducing errors and overlaps between different disciplines to almost 0.

Development of electrical solutions in Karno Energy

  • The electrical solutions department of our company develops both internal and external electrical networks.

  • Karno Energy is ready to develop electrical solutions for both new construction and renovation or major repairs. We specialize in residential buildings and complexes and gains any electrical engineering consultancy services, which allows the company's specialists to quickly and accurately find high-quality solutions for similar projects. In the base of the company's families there are more than 50 different manufacturers of materials and equipment - everything is standardized and optimized for the specialists of a particular department.

  • The engineers of our company are guided by the principle that voltage losses in the power grid should not exceed 10 percent. That is why networks are designed open, closed and mixed.

Benefits of working with us

  • We optimize construction costs;

  • We reduce the cost of construction and operation by 5-30% due to competent layouts, selection of materials, energy efficiency;

  • We use effective management systems.

We carry out projects carefully

  • Draft design, design and working documentation, supervision, approvals, examination, obtaining a building permit.

We use new technologies

  • BIM-design (3D), BIM modeling of timing (4D), BIM modeling of estimates (5D). We use a single server, cloud solutions.